New York Times asks: What's to be done with Michigan Central Station?

What should we do with the Michigan Central Station? A lot of ideas have slipped through Detroit's hands since the behemoth building went vacant more than 20 years ago. Everything from extreme games park to aquarium has been suggested. And, still, behind it all is an owner with an iron grip. There are a lot of hurdles to jump when it comes to the MCS, but maybe some of the more recent suggestions -- Michigan State Police HQ -- might have legs.

Excerpt from the New York Times:

Mr. Blashfield said his company was not interested in demolition, but needed an anchor tenant or at least "a critical mass" of businesses or government agencies before it could pay for any renovation. And that is the hard part; grand and varied plans have been proposed over the years, with none coming to fruition.

But there is new hope that momentum is building for Michigan Central to become a hub for some government security functions, like the Detroit headquarters of the Michigan State Police, some state and federal Homeland Security offices and, given Detroit's location close to the Canadian border, a center for trade inspections, Mr. Blashfield said.

Plans are preliminary, but they offer the most promise of anything proposed lately, especially if federal stimulus money can be used.

"I think this window of opportunity is very narrow, and if we don't seize the moment, we may lose it," said Cameron S. Brown, a Republican state senator who supports having security agencies use the building. "The clock is ticking."

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