Motor City goes green in new video

Detroit once had the dubious honor of being the nation's largest city without a comprehensive recycling program. Thanks to the efforts of Recycle Here's Matthew Naimi and Steve Haworth, Detroit's made great steps in reducing waste and green education. A new video, "Shifting Gears: Going Green in the Motor City," follows Naimi and Haworth's newest venture, Green Safe Products, which provides recyclable and compostable cups, plates, cutlery and more to area restaurants like Avalon International Breads, the Woodbridge Pub and Mudgie's. And as many local restaurant owners point out, using environmentally-friendly products like Green Safe doesn't just make good green sense -- it's good business sense and marketing, too.


"It's a great example of how zero waste can work really, really well, not only for the environment, but for the economy as well. It's all just part of giving back and being sustainable, which is a huge thing in Detroit right now."

Watch and learn here.
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