Neighborhood Mother to raise $3000 for NoCo renovation

Local social entrepreneur Tunde Wey's website,, operates like a Motor City blend of Kickstarter and Groupon. Similar to Kickstarter, DetroitBigFDeal highlights local projects in need of support, using social media to fund the drive for contributions. Like Groupon, anyone who buys gets discounts and gift certificates to neighboring businesses (among them Thistle Coffee Shop, Union Street and Cliff Bell's). While giving is its own reward, it need not be the only one.

The website's newest project, Neighborhood Mother, will try to raise $3000 to renovate a recently-abandoned home near Spaulding Court in North Corktown. Longtime resident Angie Johnson, now 70 years old, single-handedly took care of her block while working two jobs and raising kids alone. Laid off, she can no longer afford to keep up her home. The project, led by Steve Schmidt, Jon Koller and Jeff DeBruyn, will use the money to get Johnson's residence market-ready and rented.


"This provides Angie much needed (rental) income, allowing her to live with some measure of financial security and the dignity befitting her contribution to the community. A new tenant also increases neighborhood density, growing a community where even one more person means an added layer of support and safety. This is a community-initiated response to the severe challenges of blight, population decline and social care for the elderly ..."

Check out the video and give what you got here.
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