Tweet of the Week: City chicken and Elvis in Detroit

What's unique about Detroit? Well, quite frankly, a lot.

In this week's Tweet of the Week, Detroit tweeters reminded us to take a second look at a few things we might have forgotten about.

@meggo420 reminded us about the city skyline: sunrise in detroit looking over the city = love love love

A reason to get up in the morning? We think so.

Another tweeter, @cevan, reminded us that though Detroit is known in some circles for having aggressive drivers, we're also known for our aggressive pedestrians: In Detroit, one crosses the road by jumping into traffic + going one lane at a time. Out here, this maneuvre causes SUVs to swerve off road.

We agree that Detroit definitely has its own take on traffic.

In fact, @jazzneophyte gave a little history lesson reminded us that the world's first traffic light AND the first freeway showed up right here in the city of Detroit, in 1915 and 1942, respectively. She also  threw down another local first: The world's first carbonated soft drink? Vernor's ginger ale - James Vernor, 1866, Detroit pharmacist.

Pretty cool.

And speaking of food and drink, everyone seemed to be buzzing about Anthony Bourdain's mid-winter visit to Detroit, which finally aired on his Travel Channel show "No Reservations" this past Monday.

He had a lot of good things to say about the city. And @lindseywoho reminded us that - though they may be strange - there's nothing like the comforts of home: Anthony Bourdain ate Polish food in Detroit - including city chicken. No matter where I go, that slop on a stick will be my comfort food.

It's a nice sentiment, however, @lindseywoho, he ate city chicken at Hamtramck's Polonia. It's near Detroit... but not Detroit.

What other Detroit gems are hidden under the radar? @markparton seems to think we're hiding something big: Elvis where are you? (I'm told Elvis is in Detroit at the moment).

Yep, he's here. He's one of the 168 city council candidates, actually.

(Just kidding.)

Have something else to remind us about Detroit? Let us know on Twitter. Until next week, keep readin' and keep tweetin'.
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