Detroit waste-to-energy project rehires 90 employees

Detroit Renewable Power will hire back 91 laid-off workers to re-open a waste-to-energy plant purchased from the Energy Investment Fund and Coventa, both out-of-state investors.

As part of a $50-million acquisition, the DRP also purchased Detroit Thermal LLC, an underground steam system running along the Woodward Corridor from the riverfront to New Center.

In addition to creating jobs, DRP says it conducted extensive surveying on improving efficiency and odor problems from the waste-to-energy facility.


It also intends to deal with the plant's impacts on the neighboring communities, including improvements to traffic flow as well as to the visual appearance and odor. DRP Operating President Paul Maier said: "We are making significant, immediate improvements in the plant and understand the important role it plays in providing responsible waste management, recycling and vital energy services for Detroit."

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