Woodbridge resident launches sustainability consultancy, 3030

Chris Haag never intended to go into business for himself -- he just wanted to quit his job.

The Woodbridge resident had been working for a company doing retrofit work for energy-efficient lighting. He reached the point where he didn’t want to do it anymore and quit without a plan for what to do next. He thought he would take some time off to figure out what he wanted to do next.

"I intended to take a couple of months off work and find something new," Haag says. "Within 72 hours after I quit, my old job called me and asked if I would do some side projects. That went on for a couple of years."

That was 2012 and the time Haag started his next gig as a freelance consultant. When that work started to peter out, Haag interviewed for a few more jobs. By that time he knew he was not at his best working for someone else. So he started his own company, 3030.

Haag describes 3030 as a craft consultancy that helps clients develop unique solutions to a variety of issues to foster growth and flexibility. It specializes in everything from energy efficiency to tax work for distilleries. Its main thrust is working in sustainability, but Haag wants to keep an open mind about its future.

"In three to five years, it will probably be completely different than what I am trying to do now," Haag says. "I let the business pull me in the direction it’s going."

Source: Chris Haag, owner of 3030
Writer: Jon Zemke

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