VizBe aims to help employees achieve their goals through visualization

Natalia Petraszczuk believes that people can will themselves to better things by consistently visualizing their goals -- so much so that last spring she launched a startup, VizBe, around the idea.

"I saw a very big niche in the self-development industry," Petraszczuk says. "It's an $11-billion market."

A client of the Macomb-OU INCubator and a tenant at Grand Circus in downtown Detroit, VizBe is creating a goal-setting platform that helps people achieve personal and professional success through visualization, specifically assigning visual imagery to goal-setting in a practice called vision boards. The platform helps instill motivation and accountability into people.

"It allows them to easily create vision boards, set due dates, and prompts them to help them realize their goals," Petraszczuk says.

The three-person team is currently working on an enterprise model for companies to use with their employees. It is also looking at adding some clients in education next year, but first is focusing on its commercial end.

"We're piloting with a few companies in the area," Petraszczuk says.

Source: Natalia Petraszczuk, founder & CEO of VizBe
Writer: Jon Zemke

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