IT pro turns biz owner with Erickson & Associates, GEEPS.US

Hans Erickson's career is going well and he has a great job, but he wants an even better one. That's why the Grosse Pointe resident is launching two new businesses Erickson & Associates and GEEPS.US.

Erickson is the current CIO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, but he plans to step down from that position in January to pursue his two new enterprises full-time. His day job ended up serving as the inspiration for his first venture, GEEPS.US.

"Anybody in the IT field ends up at one time or another with someone asking them for help," Erickson says.

GEEPS.US is memory stick that everyday people can use to rescue data from a failing computer or use it to erase the memory of a computer at the end of its life. Erickson has been working on the product for two years and now has a patent pending on it. He is launching it early next year and hopes to have it on the shelves of major retailers before the end of 2015.

Erickson is also launching Erickson & Associates, a technology consulting firm. He hopes to use the skills he's sharpened over a few decades to help local small businesses find the best pieces of 21st century technology to make them more useful.

"This is an opportunity for me to help small businesses in and around Detroit to take advantage of the technology out there," Erickson says. "It's a great equalizer."

Erickson plans to run both enterprises out of downtown Detroit in 2015 and is currently looking for office space in the city's central business district.

Source: Hans Erickson, president of Erickson & Associations and GEEPS.US
Writer: Jon Zemke

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