Fidelis SecureCare hires dozens as it expands in Detroit market

In the age of Obamacare, healthcare company Fidelis SecureCare is streamlining operations, creating efficiencies, and ensuring better care of its customers. The company is also growing its business in Detroit by taking a slow-food approach to providing healthcare.

The California-based company's business plan focuses on providing high-quality healthcare to low-income and chronically ill Detroiters (and suburbanites) through a concierge model instead of the traditional mass production model of healthcare.

"A traditional medical practice has 3,000 patients," says Greg Bellware, chief marketing officer of Fidelis SecureCare. "A concierge office has 600 patients."

That sort of focused service (think everything from more time spent on solving patient problems to home doctor visits) enables healthcare providers to give better care to patients, helping turn chronic illnesses into manageable ones and savng money across the board. The extensive yet centralized nature of Metro Detroit's healthcare system allows Fidelis SeniorCare to maximize its efficiency in this regard.

"We grew quickly in Detroit," Bellware says. "Its urban setting is ideal for our model."

Fidelis SecureCare has grown quickly in Michigan over the last two years. The 15-year-old firm now employs a staff of 60 people in Michigan, about two thirds of which have been hired over the last year. The company's Michigan headquarters is in New Center.

"We expect to accelerate that growth in a huge way," Bellware says. "The company is expected to grow fivefold in the next year."

Source: Greg Bellware, chief marketing officer of Fidelis SecureCare
Writer: Jon Zemke

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