Michigan Corps launches fellowship program with 1st fellow in Detroit

Michigan Corps has launched a fellowship program which promises to bring more young talent to Michigan and Detroit in particular.

Michigan Corps aims to help connect Michigan ex-patriots with businesses and organizations that are working to improve the Great Lakes State. It was co-founded by Anuja and Rishi Jaitly, who now serves as the Detroit program director for the Knight Foundation. The Michigan Corps fellowship program was started with the idea of "support the growth and sustainability of our modern engagement and social impact platform in service of Michiganders everywhere," according to the email release announcing the program.

"These fellows will serve as a liaison between Michigan and Michigan Corps' growing network of Michiganders around the world," says Elizabeth Garlow, director of strategic initiatives for Michigan Corps.

The Michigan Corps welcomed its first fellow earlier this year. The Wayne State University student is helping support the work of Kiva Detroit, a microlending website focused on helping Detroit's entrepreneurs and project leaders.

The fellowships normally last three months to a year and sometimes come with a stipend, depending on the circumstances for each fellow. Garlow expects the number of fellows to expand to six within the next year.

Source: Elizabeth Garlow, director of strategic initiatives for Michigan Corps
Writer: Jon Zemke

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