My Graffiti Removal Guy targets SW Detroit

Robert Sheppard worked for a masonry restoration company for 10 years before he moved to Detroit. He and his wife made the move to the Motor City about a year ago after she took a nursing job at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. That was about the same time Sheppard started My Graffiti Removal Guy.

"There wasn't a lot of graffiti removal in Detroit, so I got the ball rolling for myself," Sheppard says. He adds that "it's a skill I acquired in masonry restoration. When I got to Detroit I noticed a lot of graffiti. It was an opportunity and I ran with it."

My Graffiti Removal Guy has done most of it work in Southwest Detroit, mostly in the area of Springwells and West Vernor for the Southwest Detroit Business Association.

The firm takes graffiti and tags off the sides of businesses and homes in the area, along with other places throughout the city. It is enough work for Sheppard to employ himself. He is looking to really establish the company in 2014.

"I want my business to continue to make people happy and provide a quality service," Sheppard says. "I would like to hire a guy within the next year and have my name known across Detroit."

Source: Robert Sheppard, owner & operator of My Graffiti Removal Guy
Writer: Jon Zemke

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