Quicken Loans brings 550 interns to downtown Detroit this summer

The talent pipeline for Quicken Loans just got much bigger this summer now that the mortgage company is bringing about 550 interns to its downtown Detroit headquarters.

Quicken Loans employs about 5,500 people, including 4,000 in downtown Detroit. Many of those employees are former interns. Last year it converted about 70-80 of its former interns in employees from a pool of a few hundred.

"We're really looking at this pool of interns as our talent pool in the coming years," says Michelle Salvatore, director of recruitment for Quicken Loans.

Quicken Loans
has a policy of allowing its employees the opportunity to serve as mentors to college students through its internship program. A few thousand college students applied for internships this year, more than the company had room for.

"It's a matter of giving anyone in the company who wants to mentor the chance to do it," Salvatore says. "We could have done more internships this year but we had some space constraints earlier this year."

Source: Michelle Salvatore, director of recruiting for Quicken Loans
Writer: Jon Zemke

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