Silverside Management grows apartment portfolio through new tech

Silverside Management is expanding its portfolio of apartments in Detroit and surrounding suburbs, and its leverage some new technology to accomplish that.

The Palmer Park-based business manages 1,500 rental units in the metro area. It has hired 10 people in the last six months, expanding the 5-year-old company's staff to 25 people. Silverside Management is working with Jerry Paffendorf of LOVELAND Technologies and Robocop statue fame to create a digital presence for each individual apartment at the Tuscan Apartments on the city's west side.

"It's a pretty unique mapping system," says Eric Novack, a spokesman for Silverside Management. "It's like a Facebook for real-estate."

This new mapping system would create an individual profile for each apartment, allowing perspective tenants to find out the basic information about the unit and take a virtual tour of it. The system also would make it easier for tenants to communicate with management to solve problems and increase the quality of life.

"What we're trying to do is create good communities," Novack says. "Investors want good communities that are run well."

Source: Eric Novack, spokesman for Silverside Management
Writer: Jon Zemke

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