ZeroBase Energy moves to TechTown area, brings 10 jobs

Clean-tech start-up ZeroBase Energy has moved from Maine to the Next Energy building adjacent to TechTown, bring 10 jobs and an internship with it.

ZeroBase Energy is developing a hybrid alternative energy systems that distributes clean energy from a variety of sources, such as solar and wind. The idea is to sell the system around the world, such as in third world countries that have less than reliable electrical grids. ZeroBase Energy's system would provide a consistent and inexpensive source of power for people and businesses there.

"Most of our business will be exports," says Kousay Said, managing director of ZeroBase Energy. "Most of our (electrical) grid is ubiquitous. Elsewhere around the world isn't so dependable."

The 2-year-old currently employs 10 people and plans to bring on an intern this May. It also supplements another 40 jobs in its supply chain.  Said expects to grow his company to a staff of 1,000 people within the next few years. He moved the company to Detroit to take advantage of the region's talent from its automotive workforce.

"The whole automotive skill set from a design and manufacturing stand point applies very well," Said says.

Source: Kousay Said, managing director of ZeroBase Energy
Writer: Jon Zemke

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