Residential street in Jefferson Chalmers <span class='image-credits'>Steve Koss</span> The board of Original Creativity, a nonprofit looking to revitalize NW Goldberg <span class='image-credits'>Steve Koss</span> Laundromat at The Commons <span class='image-credits'>Steve Koss</span> Interior of the Peacock Room in the Fisher Building <span class='image-credits'>David Lewinski</span> Tom and Mark Nardone trash fishing near Zug Island <span class='image-credits'>Anthony Lanzilote</span>


Feature StoryJonny Alexander mural

You have to visit these 10 under-the-radar Detroit murals

While there's been no shortage of beautiful murals painted downtown or in Eastern Market, we wanted to asked Viranel Clerard, who's catalogued over 1,000 Detroit murals, about those that are in less visible locations. 

Feature StoryResidential street in Jefferson Chalmers

Q&A: How the city is incorporating resident voice into its Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood plan

Final recommendations for the Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood Framework Plan will be released later this month. To learn more about planning process, we spoke with Allen Penniman, urban planner with the city of Detroit.

Feature StoryEleanor Moreno (on right) cooks with her mother, Maria Moreno-Reyes, and niece, Iliana Basulto.

How three Michigan groups use food to connect to culture

From Detroit to Grand Rapids to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan organizations and activists are tapping into the value of community gardens, culturally relevant dishes, and local resources to build community.

Feature StoryDawn Powell, director of the Sanford Activity and Dining Center in Midland.

These initiatives are improving Michigan seniors' health by making sure they're not alone

Social isolation and loneliness can have serious negative impacts on older adults' health, but efforts around the state are working to connect seniors to their communities and the resources available to them.

Feature StoryRendering of West Riverfront Park

7 of the most exciting developments to watch in Detroit for 2019

2018 set the table for some massive, transformational developments this year in Detroit. Here are 7 we're particularly excited about. 

Feature StoryWood frame houses on Leverrette Street in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood

Detroit's hottest residential markets: Why these 3 neighborhoods are attracting homebuyers

East English Village, Bagley-Fitzgerald, and Grandmont-Rosedale all have three things in common: quality housing stock, neighborhood amenities, and affordable price points.

Feature StoryNick Sinacori, Jefferson Chalmers historian

Welcome to Jefferson Chalmers, our latest "On the Ground" neighborhood

With millions of dollars coming to the neighborhood, changes are on the horizon for Jefferson Chalmers. But those changes will have to be rooted in the area's deep history.

Feature StoryMG Acess West Michigan-3987.JPG

Michigan's pantries and small farms sow seeds of health equity

Michigan food access organizations are rethinking the standard charitable model of the food pantry, and working to create access to healthier foods.

Feature StoryJuan Shannon, founder of Parker Village

Looking back at Model D in 2018

Here are the stories and series that defined our coverage of Detroit last year. 

Feature StoryDPSCD deaf and hard of hearing special education teacher Nina Chacker

Teachers have some of the toughest jobs. How can we better support them in Detroit?

Teachers have some of the most difficult, least appreciated jobs in the country. And while they're certainly underpaid, there's a number of other ways the city of Detroit, the school system, and the community can better support its teachers.

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