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Get Into The Groove on Record Store Day - Photo by Marvin Shaouni
Get Into The Groove on Record Store Day - Photo by Marvin Shaouni | Show Photo

Job Creation

Job Creation Features

UIX: Ann Perrault and Avalon Bakery

Ann Perrault is co-owner of the pioneering Avalon International Breads, which built success by using the motto "Eat Well, Do Good" and by practicing fundamentally sound business. Tunde Wey reports from W. Willis St. 

Business evolution: From incubation to visibility

So what happens to startups and other small enterprises after they're fully baked in an entrepreneurial incubator? That's what we set out to find in this special report from three Michigan cities - Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo. 

First class: Creating jobs across Workforce Intelligence Network

Recent graduates of the IT in the D training program are ready to hit the ground running developing sofware and exploring entrepreneurship possibilities. Jon Zemke made it to the ceremony and came back with some tasty testimonials.

People, place and potential: Midtown business keeps money in the neighborhood

Business diversity plus urban density give Midtown an advantage in creating commercial opportunities and jobs. Guest commentator Scott Benson of Midtown Inc. gives us a tour of the ecosystem.

How place impacts entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn't what it used to be. The scene today is explicitly about social engagement and collaborative leadership. This special report finds examples in three key Michigan places where new models for growth are being created and nurtured.
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