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Lauren Tanabe

Lauren Tanabe is a Detroit-based freelance writer and mom with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology & Molecular Signaling. Follow her on Twitter @lauren_tanabe.


Children gather around a tray of water during a lesson at Brilliant Detroit

The high cost of limited access to early childhood education in Detroit

Access to affordable, high quality early childhood education enables parents to work and increases the likelihood of academic success for the child. We look at how increased investment in early childhood education can provide a big boost to the city. 

A production conveyor at Grobbel's

The intriguing science and STEM jobs behind Grobbel and Ginsberg corned beef

As science writer Lauren Tanabe discovered, corned beef is the gastronomical magic that occurs when science, technology, and culture intersect with brisket. And it's also the locus of a surprising number of STEM jobs.
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