Attendees of a community information session on air quality in Delray <span class='image-credits'>Nick Hagen</span> Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory <span class='image-credits'>Marvin Shaouni</span> Carrie Morris leads a rehearsal of her Banglatown puppetry troupe <span class='image-credits'>Anthony Lanzilote</span> A child plays with a ball in front of a mosaic by artist Hubert Massey <span class='image-credits'>Anthony Lanzilote</span> Dear Black Women founder Florence Noel <span class='image-credits'>Doug Coombe</span>


Feature StoryToyia Watts, president of the Charlevoix Villages Association

The people's voice: Detroit community organizations push for equitable development

Concerned about displacement and access to jobs, many Detroit citizens are offering their own vision of the city where everyone can participate in and benefit from the development taking place.

Feature StorySign for the mountain bike trail in Rouge Park

Voices of Cody Rouge: The caretakers of Rouge Park, Detroit's biggest and most forgotten park

Recent efforts from the city and local devotees could open a new chapter for the park and establish a solid identity for a space that has perhaps been an afterthought in the city's development.

Feature StoryRaphael Wright and Megan Burritt

Two Detroit residents, one lifelong and one new, look to start small-scale neighborhood grocery

Raphael Wright and Megan Burritt founded Neighborhood Grocery, a small-scale grocery with a hyper-local focus, which they hope will create jobs and contribute to community wealth.

Feature StoryClinicians work on a patient at Cherry Health.

One million Michiganders have little or no dental care access. Here's how we can change that.

A variety of organizations across the state are working to connect people to oral care they otherwise might never get, and they're innovating to continue improving oral health access in the future.

Feature StoryRiders on the Dequindre Cut

Detroit earns CityHealth gold medal for its "Complete Streets" policies

We asked Todd Scott, executive director of Detroit Greenways Coalition, about the award and its impact on Detroit children and families. 

Feature Storymtpleasant

What's next for Mt. Pleasant? Stay connected with IMG's newest pub, 'Epicenter'

There are plenty of great things happening in Mt. Pleasant and its neighboring communities. We think it’s time people heard more about them.

Feature StoryErica Hill, manager of the 10,000 UP Program

Climate change is coming to Michigan. How are experts preparing our state?

Potential solutions currently being explored include installing rain gardens and porous surfaces, planting trees and constructing more white roofs, and building sustainable energy sources into our power supply.

Feature StoryMetroCAD is an annual gathering for industry research presentation.

New Wayne State lab uses autonomous vehicle tech to develop innovative computing solutions

Computer scientists at Detroit’s Wayne State University have established an innovation lab to research and implement edge computing solutions for connected and autonomous vehicle technology. What's it all about?

Feature StoryGeamill Gibson and her son buy produce using a doctor's prescription at the Flint Farmers Market.

Prescriptions for nutrition: How culinary medicine is advancing health equity in Michigan

For many people, it's not always easy to find and buy fresh food. Culinary medicine initiatives aim to address that by increasing access to healthy food and building awareness of the importance of nutrition.

Feature StoryKids and providers at Child Star Development Center

Voices of Cody Rouge: Chris Uhl of IFF on the importance of early childhood education

We spoke with Chris Uhl, executive director-eastern region for IFF, about how investing in quality early childhood education in neighborhoods like Cody Rouge will be key to Detroit's continued resurgence.

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The Equitable Development Series explores how Detroit can grow in a way that allows people of all races, classes, and abilities to participate and benefit. The series includes stories published here in Model D as well as public events starting in August.

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