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Get Into The Groove on Record Store Day - Photo by Marvin Shaouni
Get Into The Groove on Record Store Day - Photo by Marvin Shaouni | Show Photo

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Name Address Neighborhood Type Status Year Investment
American Axle Headquarters One Dauch Drive Near East Side New Construction/Renovation Complete 2003 $100,000,000
Arcadia Apartments 3501 Woodward Ave. Midtown Renovation Complete 2003 $13,600,000
Compuware One Campus Martius Downtown New Construction Complete 2003 $350,000,000
Eastside Detroit Homes 5075 Chalmers Ave. East Side New Construction Complete 2003 $10,800,000
Ferry Street East Townhomes 514 E. Ferry St. Midtown New Construction Complete 2003 $2,400,000
Holiday Inn Express Hotel 1020 Washington Bvld. Downtown Renovation Complete 2003 $5,000,000
Homes at St. Anne Southwest Detroit New Construction Complete 2003 $6,100,000
Leland Loft Condominiums 1395 Antietam Downtown Renovation Complete 2003 $7,800,000
Marriott Detroit Hotel, Marriott Renaissance Center renovation 100 Renaissance Drive N Downtown Renovation Complete 2003 $100,000,000
Max M. Fisher Music Center 3663 Woodward Ave. Midtown New Construction Complete 2003 $60,000,000
The Carola 78 Watson Midtown Renovation Complete 2003 $2,100,000
University Prepatory Academy High School 600 Antoinette New Center New Construction Complete 2003 $15,000,000
Total Projects= 12 Total Investment= $672,800,000

Projects Database is for informational purposes only compiled from available public records. Please consult with the property owner or developer for more information about a project listed. May not be reproduced without written consent.