Green Space: Lions team up with Greening to make Thanksgiving game carbon-neutral

The Thanksgiving Day home game played by the Detroit Lions every year -- this is the 70th (!) -- is a big-time tradition 'round these parts. And while professional football might not conjure up the greenest of images, this year's Turkey Day showdown is taking on a rather emerald hue. For the third year in a row, the Lions are partnering with TechTown-based Carbon Credit Environmental Services (CCES) and the Greening of Detroit to make the game a carbon neutral event.

The effort begins on November 10 with an official tree planting ceremony at Lafayette Central Park with participation from CCES, Greening and Lions players Jerome Felton and John Standeford and president Tom Lewand. 

The number of carbon credits to purchase and trees to plant was determined by a CCES audit, which estimated the amount of CO2 emissions utilized during the event. The firm calculated energy, heat, steam, waste, and water used in the building (146 tons) as well as the emissions created by the estimated 64,000 fans and team members traveling to the event via vehicle and airplane (320 tons).

In total, 650 trees will be planted in Detroit to compensate for the 466 tons of CO2 emissions.

Source: Monica Tabares, Greening of Detroit
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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