Beal Building downtown now fully occupied

More great news for downtown: the Beal Building at 277 Gratiot is now 100 percent occupied.
Beal Properties acquired the building in 2008, then had a rough few years during the housing market collapse and recession, during which time they had to evict 17 tenants from the building. In 2011, as the market started to improve and major players like Dan Gilbert started investing in downtown, the building started attracting solid tenants and as of this month it is fully occupied.
Tenants include, In The Black Suites, MeritHall Staffing, JC Beal Construction, Scooner Consulting, Sowell Law Partners, Emerging Industries Training Institute, Detroit Training Center, and Detroit Development Fund, among others.
JC Beal Construction is also an investor in the Broderick Tower, which company president Stewart Beal says is also fully occupied. "We are really excited that the properties we own and invest in are 100 percent occupied," he says.
Source: Stewart Beal, President of Beal Properties and Beal Construction Services
Writer: Nicole Rupersburg

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