Detroit’s Midtown receives $2 million to create a greenway loop for residents and tourists

As part of the $1.1 billion annual transportation bill announced by Michigan Sens. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow earlier this month, $2 million was awarded to the University Cultural Center Association (UCCA) to create the first phase of the Midtown Loop that will help promote the overall aesthetic quality of the district.

The loop is to be a 1.8-mile trail that will circle through the grid of city streets in Detroit’s Cultural Center — encompassing Kirby to John R, and Canfield to Cass.  “Numerous studies have shown that greenways can increase the sales price and marketability of adjacent properties, and promote faster sales,” said Timothy Colbeck, community development manager of the UCCA.

This loop is to have a distinctive contemporary design quality stressing arts and culture, and ultimately enhancing the community character. Its design is to employ a special walking surface, lighting, graphics, and lively landscaping using native vegetation to clearly orient and delight the user and visitor.

“UCCA believes that the Midtown Loop project is a critical piece of the overall strategy in rebuilding Midtown Detroit,” said Colbeck. “The loop will generate economic activity for our businesses and institutions, while serving as a magnet for tourists and businesses looking to relocate.” 

- Source:  Based on information from Timothy Colbeck and Annmarie Borucki of the UCCA.


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