Natural hair salon to open on E. Jefferson

Sangaris Salon will open at 14704 E. Jefferson between Chalmers and Alter this spring. Proprietor N'Aziza Henderson was motivated to set up shop on the east side's Jefferson corridor because "most natural hair salons in Detroit are on the west side, and I like the fact that I am in a historic area."

When Henderson says natural, she means it. She limits the usage of thermal devices such as hair driers, hot combs and curling irons, and does not use any chemicals to process hair. "Sangeris will be focused on care of natural hair, making sure hair is healthy," she says. "We're focused on health, not just styling."

Sangaris is named after a rare African butterfly that is very distinct in color from other butterflies. Similarly, Henderson says that her business "is going to stand out from other natural hair salons."

Source: N'Aziza Henderson, Sangaris Salon
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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