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Get Into The Groove on Record Store Day - Photo by Marvin Shaouni
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The Work Department combines design with positive social impact

The Work Department is a communication, design, and development studio with local, regional, and international clients. A partnership between Nina Bianchi and Benjamin Chodoroff that started about two and a half years ago, the Work Department works with nonprofit and educational organizations – organizations that make a positive social impact while advancing open-source movements. Their client list includes Allied Media Projects, Excellent Schools Detroit, Tour de Troit, the New America Foundation, MIT, Michigan Suburbs Alliance, Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Detroit Farm & Garden, and more.
Formerly located in Midtown, the Work Department recently relocated to a space in Hamtramck at 2750 Yemans. The company has a small team of employees, but they work with collaborators and contractors as far as Washington D.C. and Toronto. They are moving towards becoming a cooperative worker-owned company and grow their network of partners and collaborators. They also want to grow their educational design portfolio and "use design to break down the complexity of the world around us," according to Work Department Principal Nina Bianchi. "We pride ourselves on making our processes accessible and transparent." The company provides print and digital design, web development, communication strategy consulting, branding, content creation, and other services.
Source: Nina Bianchi, The Work Department
Writer: Nicole Rupersburg

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