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Laying foundations for entrepreneurship

Behind every start-up entrepreneur is a risk-tolerant investor. In Detroit, that’s likely to be the Detroit Development Fund, which has provided loans for small businesses like Astro Coffee and Good Girls Go to Paris. Dennis Archambault adds up the details.


Society of Architectural Historians holds conference, meet in Yamasaki-designed building

The conference included three days of speaker sessions by a diverse range of researchers and scholars, with several of the sessions related specifically to the history and architecture of Detroit.


Model D Speaker Series: Do the right thing

Join us tonight at Willys Overland Lofts for our next Model D Speaker Series and the debut of two short films about Avalon and City Living Detroit before their nationwide release.


Guide to feathering an urban nest

Getting the right look for our new HQ was important. So we went with old new stuff. Or is it the other way around? Let Claire Nelson tell us how we furnished our new pad and what it takes for you to do the same.


Honey, we're home!: Model D sets up new office in Midtown

Our new headquarters has some great bones -- architecturally and historically. It's also on a great Midtown block that includes neighbors the Green Garage and Bronx Bar. Cheers from us to you. 


Launched!: Urban Innovation Exchange debut in review

Two rooms at Seva restaurant were packed wall to wall with innovators, entrepreneurs and others for the launch of UIX, which will profile Detroit people and projects over the next three years. Leah Johnson talks to some folks in the creative mix.  


Urbanism from outer space

Erik and Israel Nordin are spreading a contemporary urban look around the region. It begins with gritty industrial processes that are characteristically Detroit, but ends in objects that are graceful, smooth and personal. Matthew Piper gets an eyeful.


Catch me if you can

So, ahem, I hear that this Sunday a bunch of you are going to come out and try to get me. Didn’t you try this last year? And the year before? Well bring it, I say. Bring. It. 


Green City Diaries: March is for scheming

Green City diarist Matthew Piper talks to gardeners and farmers to learn the reasons why they do what they do, their insights into local resources available to support their efforts, and the preparations they’re making for the growing season. 


The great chase: Detroit's red devil in pictures and words

To get all of us fired up for Sunday's great chase, we dug up some photos of the Marche of the Nain Rouge in 2010 and a report from last year. People, get ready for round three.


Let's get innovative: Join us Wednesday to launch UIX

Calling all Detroit doers and changemakers to the launch event for the Urban Innovation Exchange, a new network for people turning ideas into action.


AIA eye on architecture: Reignite our creative fire

Frank Arvan, president of the Detroit chapter of the American Institute of Architects, has congratulations and challenges on his mind. New plans for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit are increasing his appetite for good local design.


Baker's two dozen: Marvin Shaouni takes his camera behind the counter at Avalon

OK, we admit it: we simply can't get enough of Avalon International Breads. Not to mention the cherry cream cheese brioche. Or the peanut butter brownies or any of the cookies. Photographer Marvin Shaouni takes the snaps that look good enough to eat. 


Green City Diaries: Consume, compost, recycle, repeat

Avalon International Breads is great at organizing its Earth-friendly values. But if the owners did it over again they would be more strategic in setting up waste reduction goals. Matthew Piper reports on how improving sustainability practices leads to, you guessed it, better business practices.  


Publisher's notebook: Detroit, celluloid city

Lights, camera and plenty of film and video action has publisher Claire Nelson going to screenings at museums and alternative retail spaces or finding the works on YouTube and Vimeo. Good thing for us she collected all the links and put them in this story. Enjoy the show. 
490 Articles | Page: | Show All
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