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Dally in the Alley

Don't miss out on Detroit's homegrown events this summer

Events like Dally in the Alley, Jazzin' on Jefferson and People's Art Festival are driven by people's passions, neighborhood collaboration and community activism. Here's our list of homegrown festivals and events that you don't want to miss this summer.

Making cheese

Made in Midtown: Traffic Jam & Snug's cheese stands alone

When 3,000 gallons of milk enter the kitchen at the corner of Canfield and Second, something magical happens. With a mix of science, art, and TLC, Traffic Jam & Snug makes amazing raw milk, artisinal cheeses. We got to watch, learn and taste.

Styling hair

At her Textures salon, Nefertiti keeps energy flowing in West Willis Village

Salon owner Nefertiti has built a place where beauty lives in Midtown. She's found success and synergy, growing her business in West Willis Village.

Dining area

Detroit's world Atlas: Bistro brings global vibe to the neighborhood

On the eve of Detroit Restaurant Week, we visit Atlas Global Bistro, which boasts one of the city's most charming and seductive menus with a clientele and vibe to match.

Restaurant week

Model D TV -- Detroit Restaurant Week, Spring 2010

Eat local, support local businesses and get out in Detroit this week during the second Detroit Restaurant Week. Chefs from 17 local fine dining eateries have created special menus for Detroit foodies' new most favorite event. Watch our video to learn more.

Queen of the Marche

Merry Detroit mob chases Nain Rouge through Cass Corridor, burns him to a crisp

Report: The Nain Rouge has been burned. A cheering and jeering crowd drove the red menace of Detroit legend out of the city, ushering in spring and a new era for the city. A good time was had by all, and we've got photos.

Colin Hubbell

Coming this weekend: Colin Hubbell Memorial Fundraiser

The Majestic will overflow with bowling, music, food, and more good times Sunday, March 28, in support of the Colin Hubbell Fund, founded to carry on the legacy of the late developer and champion of Detroit.


Speaker Series follow up: We need a better welcome mat

Change. Fear. Possibilities. Community. City. Suburbs. There wasn't much we didn't talk about at last week's speaker series. Here's a recap, as well as audio from the event.

Roland Leggett

Back to Detroit: Roland Leggett works to bring progressives together

Roland Leggett left Detroit for Chicago. A few years later, he came back. Turns out, he missed us. He wants to make the city a more progressive place -- the kind of place more young and talented people like himself want to be.

DAM Design Show 2010

Model D TV: Detroit Artists Market 2010 Design Show

Design is alive in Detroit, and the annual Detroit Artists Market Design Show is proof positive.

Hilberry Theater Masks

Wayne State trains Detroit's next generation for stage and screen

At Wayne State's theater department, education is part of what drives the region's innovative, creative economy. The school is prepping actors, directors, filmmakers, musicians and dancers not just for the stage and screen, but to help them get jobs, create jobs and be part of the region's creative economic engine.

Bourbon Steak Martini

What Detroit drinks: Local mixologists' signature sips

Detroit cocktail enthusiasts are getting back to roots drinks: bringing old cocktails out of obscurity and giving new drinks a classic twist. We visit several watering holes to find some old-school Detroit drinks and new takes on bar favorites.

City Bird Ornament

Act now: Detroit's winter won't last forever (really, it won't)

Even though winter lasts about 13 months in Michigan, give or take a few, some of the best things in Detroit this winter are only around for a short time. Here are some not to miss.

Burton Theater

Model D TV: Burton Theatre, Detroit's new art house cinema

This week, Model D TV visits the new Burton Theatre. We think putting a movie theater in the center of the city in an empty school building is brilliant. Grab your Faygo and popcorn and watch the video.


New in Midtown: Cheap but good dining, from crepes to dim sum

Seems like all over the neighborhood, there's more new stuff in Midtown: New bars. Dim sum. Crepes. Upscale street fare. Midtown is always one-upping itself.
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