Survey: Race Relations

While data from the 2000 Census identified Metropolitan Detroit as one of the most racially segregated regions in the country, in terms of White-Black residential patterns, we who live here recognize our increasing diversity.  This is a region where over 140 languages and dialects are spoken.  We have the largest concentration of persons from the Middle East. We have thriving and growing populations of Latinos, Asians and Chaldeans. Nevertheless, we remain a region of single-race neighborhoods, places of worship and workplaces.

Respondents to a survey conducted by the United Way for Southeastern Michigan in 2006 repeatedly mention racism and race relations as a primary barrier for achieving success in metropolitan Detroit. Recent surveys conducted by both the Detroit Regional Chamber and Detroit Renaissance yielded similar results.

New Detroit is one of the six founding organizations that comprise One D. The organization’s work in race relations fosters open communication to create greater understanding between the ethnic groups who make up the Detroit region.

New Detroit’s unique niche is providing a forum for race-relations issues and the inequities that continue to exist because of racial and social disparities. By partnering with corporations, cultural organizations, educational institutions, and community-based organizations that represent different racial and ethnic groups, New Detroit identifies common concerns and develops specific action steps and initiatives to better race relations in our region.

If we are truly to make progress in this region we must recognize and value all persons – be they Native American, Asian, Latino, African-American, Arab, Chaldean or any of the more than 100 racial and ethnic groups that comprise metropolitan Detroit.

In order to develop a benchmark of racial/ethnic attitudes in our region, we have developed a survey that we hope you will take the time to complete.  We want you to seriously assess your attitudes and answer the questions truthfully.

Click here to take the survey.

Your answers will be confidential and no individual responses will be released to anyone. We'll publish the results in a few weeks.

Thank you for your time and interest.  We all want to make metropolitan Detroit a place where everyone can thrive.

One D: Transforming Regional Detroit consists of United Way for Southeastern Michigan, New Detroit, the Detroit Regional Chamber, Detroit Renaissance, the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Cultural Alliance of Southeastern Michigan.
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