Designed in Detroit

What is it about shiny cars that can make otherwise stable grown-ups tear up? Detroit auto designers must know, as seen in these photos from Dave Krieger's trip to the North American International Auto Show.

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And read architect and Model D contributor Francis X. Arvan's essay in the new publication metromode (, an e-magazine on transforming the economy in Southeast Michigan brought to you buy the publishers of Model D.


"What does it really mean to be creative? My favorite definition is this: Having the power and the will to bring something new into being. ...

Let's look at Detroit's biggest and most obvious creative culture: the auto industry. Because of that word, "industry," and because of the emphasis on manufacturing, we forget that the auto industry is indeed a very creative place. From the beginning there was intense creativity. The design, engineering and building of the first car and the concept of the assembly line were all very creative acts. The car started as a rickety motorized carriage and has become sleek, powerful and reliable, a climate controlled space capsule on wheels. This evolution required intense creative effort from many people who have lived and worked in Detroit."

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