Detroit4Detroit: Crank up causes in the online and offline world


It is easy to get enamored with technology and feel intoxicated by the possibilities of the web. Facebook and Twitter give us the power to connect with people we would otherwise never meet and reach thousands more effectively than ever before. What I worry about, though, is that we define our social network by our "friends" on Facebook and "followers" on Twittter. To be completely honest, I don't know the vast majority of my friends on Facebook. Can anyone other than Paris Hilton really have 2,076 friends?
And it is not just about the friends. Some days, life seems to just be about "likes" and "comments" rather than getting out into the real world, talking with people, and actually doing something tangible. So, we have to be real careful at Detroit4Detroit not to get caught in the social media bubble, deceiving ourselves that online activity means real social change. That is why we are hosting Detroit4Detroit's Crank Up the Cause this Thursday, May 17 -- to prove the idea that you can leverage online activity into offline action. If you read this post and show up to the party, than we have succeeded in leveraging the internet the way it was intended — as a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself.
But the offline action doesn't stop at the party. Over 100 people in Detroit have already read a Model D story, saw a Facebook post, or clicked on a Tweet by Detroit4Detroit and taken the ultimate step.  They've each chosen a small but critical project in Detroit and stepped up to lead the fundraising for it so it can become a reality. That is what Detroit4Detroit is all about.

So come out to Bert's Warehouse, at 6 p.m. this Thursday, May 17 and join Michigan Corps, Model D, 71 POP, Community Next, Detroit Harmonie, Detroit Young Professionals, I Am Young Detroit, Imagine Detroit Together, NEW, Ponyride, Texts from Last Night and The Collaborative GroupTwenty Detroit in celebrating offline action in Detroit. Twenty nonprofits will be there. All of them have small but critical projects in our Detroit communities that need to get done and you'll have the opportunity to make them happen. 

At the very least, you will be able to donate your $10 ticket to the nonprofit of your choice and vote for the organization you want to receive free airtime in the $50,000 WDET airtime giveaway. And even better, thanks to the work of our fantastic co-hosts, you'll be surrounded by people ready to have real conversations about driving real action in Detroit, like Natasha. Check out why she joined Detroit4Detroit and will be at Crank Up the Cause this week and if you see a little of yourself in her, join us on Thursday.  
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