Model D TV: Detroit Declaration pushes for change

So what's up this Detroit Declaration thing buzzing around Facebook, Twitter, and the far reaches of the Interweb?

It started with a group of mostly young, extremely diverse, and quite good looking Detroiters (OK, the good looking part is not a pre-req). All of the Detroit Declaration founders are community and civic leaders. Basically, the Declaration founders saw a need to organize politically and create a unified voice and voting block. Their mission is to bring together the "growing tide of consensus about what our city must do differently to thrive."

"Since launching last week, we've had a very encouraging response," said one of the Declaration's drafters, Francis Grunow of Midtown, after the launch a couple weeks ago. "Right now we're focusing on collecting signatures through the website.  So far we've collected over 1,000 and counting." Hear more about it in an interview last week on The Craig Fahle Show on WDET.

So Model D TV presents you the Detroit Declaration-produced video, outlining their 12 principles. Group members say this is more than just an online document, and they don't want people just to passively sign up, join the Facebook group, and be done. They want action and plan to become a political force in regional politics. So if you click yes, be prepared to act.

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