Model D TV: Growing company Inland Press

Inland Press started as the in-house printing department for the Detroit Legal News, founded in 1895. The newspaper published records of the transactions and probate decisions that took place in the city, and became a vital source of information for Detroit's business and legal communities.

As the paper became more successful, the directors of the Detroit Legal News decided to invest in their own printing equipment. They also decided to solicit outside printing jobs from the community as a way to offset the department's operational costs. Satisfied customers were soon spreading the word about the efficiencies and effectiveness of this move.

After several years of brisk business the directors of the Detroit Legal News decided that their rapidly growing printing business should have its own identity: Inland Press.

The video team from DETROIT LIVES! brought its cameras to Inland Press to shoot this episode of Model D TV. Hit play and enjoy the show on this historic Detroit business.
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