YEA Brightmoor: Detroit kids raising money for entrepreneurial incubator

Last month, we reported on Youth Entrepreneurship in Action (YEA), a series of student-run businesses in Brightmoor. YEA is a unique endeavor in which kids create and sell custom goods like hand carved signage. Visit YEA's website to view and purchase the products of these youth entrepreneurs.

Last week, YEA launched a Kickstarter campaign to build out an entrepreneurial incubator for youth in a derelict garage on the grounds of the Detroit Community Schools. The garage is named the Bagley Quad Shop, referencing the garage on Bagley Street where Henry Ford built his first automobile, the Quadricycle.

Currently, students make their products in the school's art studio on weekends when there are no classes. You can help these student entrepreneurs achieve their goal of raising $50,000 to create a dedicated space to run their businesses, which include the Brightmoor Woodworkers and Brightmoor Bikes and Trailers, by donating here.

This Kickstarter campaign is open for donations until Dec. 4. Show your support by donating to the youth entrepreneurs who are transforming Brightmoor and Detroit.

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Matthew Lewis is a writer and former managing editor of Model D. He's currently the communications officer for the New Economy Initiative. 
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