We Got 100 of 'em

Downtown Detroit's vintage skyscrapers, happy people enjoying the city's nightlife, neighborhoods green with trees and classic residential architecture. Those images have made up many of Model D photographer Dave Krieger's subjects during the past two years. The pictures tell a story of a determined city in transition. They shine a light on the best that Detroit has to offer.

Take a tour of the city via Krieger's top 100 photos, selected by the photographer for this special edition of Model D.

In selecting the images for this essay, Krieger says he chose them "not necessarily for their artistic quality but more for their importance and influence over what I have seen develop in Detroit over the past two years."

If that's not enough, check out these photo essays in their entirety:

Heidelberg Project
Beyond the Rustbelt
Belle Isle Conservatory
Thanksgiving Day Parade Faces
Central Woodward Homes

Reflection in a Pool of Water of the David Stott Building Copyright Dave Krieger
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