Downtown Development Authority Awarded MEDC Grant for Solar-Powered Lighting and Facade Improvement

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has accepted a $100,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Downtown Urban Revitalization Program to install solar-powered lights to brighten the facades of several downtown buildings. The DDA's Lighting and Facade Improvement Project will illuminate street-facing windows and exteriors of several buildings along Woodward Avenue and the historic Harmonie Club building in the Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District.

The project is expected to enhance property values and provide energy cost savings to the DDA-owned buildings. The grant will be used to fund two projects:

  • The renovation of the Harmonie Club building, using solar-powered exterior lighting and new architecturally-appropriate windows
  • The addition of solar-powered interior and exterior lighting on 1415, 1520 and 1528 Woodward to create a better pedestrian environment and improved nighttime appearances

"This builds on the great success we have had lighting up some of our landmark structures downtown. It highlights their architectural details and creates a more festive atmosphere for evening visitors," said Waymon Guillebeaux, executive vice president of contract monitoring and project management at DEGC. "The lighting in the new Paradise Valley Entertainment and Cultural District and along Woodward Avenue will do the same, but it will also minimize our carbon footprint by using solar energy to power the lamps."

Estimated costs of the Lighting and Fa├žade Improvement Project are approximately $660,000. The DDA will provide the remaining costs after the $100,000 MEDC grant.

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