Dear Detroit: New look, new features, same great Model D

For our 215th edition of Model D (but who's counting?), we unveil our new look. The new look also comes with new features.

One very cool new feature: the Development Database. We've mined the past 10 years of Detroit development and put together a searchable database of the downtown core's major projects -- including those completed, planned and under construction. We looked for projects that brought at least $1 million in investment. In addition to details and descriptions, the database includes photos of each project. We've also linked videos and stories we've produced. We hope this tool will be useful to developers, neighborhood groups, leaders, students, researchers and others interested in the city's growth and investment opportunities.

The Buzz section, formerly the Detroit in the News section, is essentially the same creature, although we will include more about what bloggers and social media users are saying about Detroit. The definition of news is changing, and we could go into a dissertation about the state of media, but we'd be digressing. Also, look for Innovation and Job News items in this section. While we no longer have a specific section dedicated to it, the same coverage of Detroit tech, job and creative business news will be featured each week in our sister publication, Metromode.

And of course we'll continue the original photography, in-depth features, development news and videos you expect each week from Model D.

We have more upgrades and additions planned, so stay tuned. As we transition 4 1/2 years worth of news, photos, videos and information to our new design, there may be glitches. Please pardon us as we continue to work on the site. And do e-mail us with your thoughts and feedback.

Above all, thank you for your support and reading Model D. We invite you to celebrate the redesign with us next week, Nov. 12, at the Majestic Cafe after our Speaker Series event. For more information, click here.


Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey, editor, Model D

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