Know Your Woodbridge

Woodbridge has some of the city's prettiest homes, and some of its most creative residents. An enclave of artists and musicians reside there, and cool galleries like 555, 4731 and CAID have their spaces there.

One of the best ways to experience the neighborhood is through its Summerfest, now in its second year. The event takes place Aug. 12 in Scripps Park and on Trumbull Ave.

Event organizer Richard Rice of Detroit By Design says he is proud to put together a cultural festival that celebrates the spirit of the neighborhood and the talented people who live there.

Local musicians such as Jeremy Ellis, Kevin Reynolds, Colin Zyskowski, and folksinger Audra Kubat will perform, and the galleries will be represented at the festival.

There will be plenty of food and beverages available at the family-friendly event. Proceeds from food and drink sales will go to future Summerfest funds and the repair and improvement of Scripps Park, a historic wedge-shaped park on the corner of Trumbull and Grand River.

"The park is a valuable resource for the neighborhood with a rich history and we want it to be clean and safe," says Rice.

Woodbridge Summerfest 2006 is from noon-10 p.m. Aug. 12. For a schedule and sponsor information go to

And before you check out Woodbridge, click here to read up on the historic neighborhood with Model D's guide to visiting there.

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