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Public Enemy lined up as Movement headliner

For its seventh year producing the Movement Festival, Paxahau has plucked a diverse cast of headliners: including Chicago house icon Lil Louis on Saturday, May 26, rap legends Public Enemy on Sunday, May 27 (in their debut appearance at the festival) and Detroit native Jeff Mills, performing under an old moniker, The Wizard, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28.

Check out the first round of announcements, listed on Resident Advisor, here. There will be more to come.

Curbed checks out Detroit Soup's two-year anniversary bash

Nice to see Curbed Detroit's Sarah Cox (who authors Model D's 'Imported to Detroit' series) getting out on the town and reporting from some of the city's most unique party spaces. Like this one in the former Jam Handy building on East Grand Blvd, which hosted the recent two-year anniversary of Detroit Soup. Take it away, Sarah:  

"Detroit's totally cornered the market on that unfinished, do-we-even-have-a-permit-to-be-here look for big events. And we love it! Why wait til renovations are done to show off a structure? Hell, most places look best stripped down (we love these brick walls!), so bring on the space heaters." She even waxes for half a sentence on our own Next Big Thing event last October at the David Whitney Building.

Read the whole piece here.

What, it's Paczki Day already?

Yup, as you read this, if you are reading on the day we publish, it is indeed Paczki Day, Detroit's version of Mardri Gras. This pre-Lenten celebration is also known as Fat Tuesday, the last day for Catholics to go nuts before trimming their diets for about six weeks (ending on Easter Sunday).

Hamtramck, whose population was once overwhelmingly Polish Catholic, is party central for Paczki Day. We recommend you just hit the town running, get a few dozen berry-filled paczki at local bakeries like New Palace and New Martha Washington or at markets like Srodek's, Bozek's, Stan's or Polish Market. Then find a party at just about any bar in town; or hip retailers like Detroit Threads and Lo & Behold, which will be rolling out DJs and bands. 

Behold this, from the Hamtramck Review. 

Gary Panter, Joshua White, Adult., Monster Island light up MOCAD opening

We saw you there, near the crush of bodies at the front of the stage, when Adult. -- Detroit's Nicola Kuperas and Adam Lee Miller -- fired up their live sound at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. And in the big room around the back, where Cary Loren and his extraordinary post-acid poetry and noise-rock project Monster Island performed. Wow, what a night. 

It was one of MOCAD's grandest art openings, a perfect kick-off event for a showing of works by Gary Panter (of Pee Wee's Playhouse fame) and Joshua White (he lit up New York's Fillmore Theatre in the 1960s).

Get a taste of it in HuffPost Detroit here. Then go to MOCAD and see the show. It's up through April 29.

DSO sets record with 'Live from Orchestra Hall' webcast

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra said about 15,000 viewers saw the ensemble’s recent performance of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff’s "Symphonic Dances." Previous live webcasts by others have garnered about 10,000 viewers, it was reported.

Nice work, DSO. Read the whole story here.

Eastern Market reinventing itself with more than food

The Detroit News reports: "A $3.9 million upgrade has begun of Eastern Market's Shed 5, which is the heart of the market's plant and flower business. The upgrades will include a commercial-grade kitchen aimed at upstart local food producers.

"Among the entrants in the farmer's market area are a self-described hacker space, a letterpress storefront and an art gallery. Plans are under way to build a community kitchen aimed at small-scale food entrepreneurs, and construction of a 40,000-square-foot fish farm inside a former city sewage facility may begin soon."

More, we say, more, more, more. Read the rest of the article here.

Knight Arts picks up Carrie Dickason's 'beautiful trash' at Public Pool

Since opening in late winter 2010, Hamtramck's Public Pool has hosted one edgy and different show after another, usually alternating group with solo exhibitions. The most recent solo show is by Cranbrook-trained Carrie Dickason, an Indiana native now living in the same neighborhood as the gallery.

We like the show, up through Feb. 25 (the artist is adding more elements to the works every Saturday, 1-6 p.m.) at the space at 3309 Caniff Ave. So does Knight Arts. Read all about it here.

'9 Businesses' highlights indie Detroit entrepreneurship

Screened last week at Eastern Market's Signal Return, the short film 9 Businesses aims to give a taste of how small business energy can help catalyze, revitalize and inspire neighborhood life.

Need some inspiration? Watch this.

Deadline approaches for 2012 Kresge Art Fellowships

Kresge Foundation's call for applications from Metro Detroit's creative leaders in the literary and performing arts ends next week.

Kresge Arts in Detroit will provide 24 winners from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties "whose commitment to innovation and artistic achievement are evident in the quality of their work" with a $25,000 stipend.

Applications must be filled out online and are due Feb. 1. The fellowships are funded by the Kresge Foundation and administered by the College for Creative Studies.

For more information, visit Kresgeartsindetroit.org.

Doc on corridor music legend Rodriguez rocks Sundance

Rodriguez has always been a mysterious figure, even in underground Detroit art and music circles. He was a fixture in the old Cass Corridor in the late-1960s/early-1970s, playing guitar and writing tunes about halfway between East Coast and West Coast (Bob Dylan and Arthur Lee of Love). He recorded his music, it made its way to South Africa, which embraced the son of Mexican immigrants as a poet-genius of gritty urban Americana.

Then, he was said to disappear. Only to be rediscovered by new generations of rockers. But let's not spoil the story any further.

Read more about the film here. Then get out and see it when it hits a Detroit screen near you.

AIA: Detroit part of "New Big Three" for practicing architects

In the voluminous, intriguing scholarly piece, writer Wellington Reiter describes Detroit, New Orleans and Phoenix as U.S. cities "that have visited the frontlines of the future and are reporting back to the rest of the us, a bit wobbly and worse for wear, but still standing and in some respects, regaining their footing."

The rest of his paper is even better. Read it here.

Dirtbombs 'Party Store' makes Flavorwire list of best album covers of all time

We admit it: anytime a story about the Dirtbombs -- or you name it, a plethora of Detroit musicians that have made an impact around the world -- comes across the wire, we're all over it. This one is especially cool, an argument that the Dirtbombs' Party Store possesses one of the top album covers of all time.

Read all about it -- then rock out to "Sharivari" with the help of this sweet video.

Atlantic Cities profiles downtown catalyst Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert has been making plenty of news locally with his purchases of properties in the lower Woodward corridor. He's been getting some love from the national press, as well, like this Q&A in Atlantic Cities.

Read more about Gilbert's lifelong downtown love affair here.

HuffPo Detroit rounds up Dan Gilbert's greatest hits of 2011

Most of us have followed the multiple stories of Quicken Loans founder/chairman Dan Gilbert buying up Detroit skyscrapers in the lower Woodward corridor. His newish company, Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC, manages the properties.

And there are hints of more to come. While we wait, HuffPost Detroit editor Simone Landon maps out Gilbert's real estate scores -- purchased for a cool, cumulative $50 million -- here.

Bizdom chief calls Detroit "entrepreneurial field of dreams"

Dan Izzo zeroes in on a topic near and dear to our hearts: young and hungry thinkers, doers, builders and makers finding opportunities to do business in Detroit 2.0. Some of them have no ties to the city but come ready to plant their vision in this fertile place, says the Training and Launch Chief for downtown's Bizdom U.

The piece first appeared in HuffPost Detroit. Read it here, get inspired.
112 Nightlife Articles | Page: | Show All
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