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Death, pioneering early-70s, East Side punk band featured in new doc

Nearly 40 years after forming in an East Side Detroit neighborhood, the time has come today for a band called Death. 

The group has had its 1970s material released, performed at the first Orion Festival this past weekend and is the subject of a new documentary.

An excerpt from a review in Crave:

Artistic integrity, within the brothers, starts at an early age. Raised in (Detroit), the birth place of Motown, the Hackney brothers were allowed to experience all kinds of music by their loving, open minded parents. In one scene, the surviving brothers reminisce about their father making them watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. As the sixties music scene grew, the Hackney’s became inspired as much by Alice Cooper as Berry Gordy.

"Hell yeah!" to that, we say.

Read a review for the doc here. Buy the download here.
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