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Green Tech

With the creation of a Tech Town district and other start-ups moving into the city, why can't some of that technological brain space be directed toward green development? Some innovators already are -- and the city stands to reap the benefits of harnessing solar energy, constructing buildings with environmentally friendly features, and other green advancements.

Green Tech Features


Rethink, remake, redo: John Gallagher explores Detroit's brave new world in visionary book

Longtime Freep reporter John Gallagher, who specializes in urban and economic development, sat down with Model D's Dennis Archambault to talk about his timely new book that looks at ways Detroit can become greener and more entrepreneurial, while keeping its spirit of hard-charging innovation moving forward.

The Bee gives a thumbs up

Interview with the insect: BEE Green buzzes through Detroit

Detroit's most celebrated insect mascot -- BEE Green of Recycle Here! -- talks with us about why the bug has been buzzing around the city's schools.
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