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Osborn Features

Working on the Osborn Outdoor Education Center

Land minds: 4 creative land use projects aid education of Detroit youth

Detroit has 20 square miles of vacant land. Claire Charlton writes about four projects utilizing vacant land that have the potential to impact the lives of Detroit's youth.

Frank McGhee, director of NSO YIP, mentoring a group of young Detroit men

Revisiting Osborn: What's happening with the stories, people we covered 3 years ago

In 2013 Model D launched its first On the Ground series in Osborn. As Model D launches a new series in the Live6 neighborhood, we wanted to check in on some of the stories and people we covered.


On the Ground: Osborn's turnaround people

The Osborn neighborhood, as we learned this summer, is full of established, adult leaders who are mentoring and shaping the lives of youth on the city's Northeast side. Nicely done. Matthew Lewis and Marvin Shaouni report from Seven Mile and Hoover.   


UIX: Marcell Copeland and the MAN Network

The MAN Network is an organization of volunteers dedicated to making Osborn a safer place. Community volunteers patrol the neighborhoods in which they live in vehicles and on foot, wearing black t-shirts with the word RESPECT printed on the back.


On the Ground: East, meet west

It is time to say farewell to Osborn, for now, and take our On the Ground team to the city's far West Side, to spend the next three months in the Brightmoor neighborhood. Project editor Matthew Lewis will be on the hunt for doers, makers and builders.  
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