Sense of Place

Development NewsRendering of Woodward and Warren Park
Feature Story Elroy Reese brings a horse into the barn.
Feature StoryResidential street in Jefferson Chalmers
Feature StoryHarriet McPhail recently relocated from her home of many years in Delray.

Detroit's home swap program transformed these sisters' lives

Feature StoryBaker's has been a staple of Detroit's jazz scene since the 1930s.
Feature StoryTammy Black photographed inside the Greenhouse at Community Empowerment Garden.
Feature StoryLovio George has had a presence in Detroit for decades.
Feature StoryKwamena Mensah during a recording of Black Gold at KAN Books
Feature StoryJonny Alexander mural

You have to visit these 10 under-the-radar Detroit murals

Feature StoryGraem Whyte and Faina Lerman, co-founders of Popp's Packing