Stories from the new economy: the Detroit Creative Corridor Center

This video was created by our partner, the New Economy Initiative, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Model D Media.

Detroit has the 6th largest creative class in the country. While this may be news to some, it's not so surprising when one considers the city's rich traditions in automotive design and advertising, its community of artists and creative professionals, and its world class institutions like the College for Creative Studies.

But the city and region lacked a central place where creative could go to build legitimate, sustainable businesses around their talents. In order to advance and grow Detroit's creative economy, NEI partnered with the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in 2010 to create the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) in Detroit's New Center neighborhood. DC3 strives to connect Detroit's creative assets and grow the creative economy—one entrepreneur at a time.

DC3's Creative Venture Program is one example of how the Center does this work. A competitive, year-long business development program, the Creative Ventures Program helps creative entrepreneurs launch their businesses in Detroit by providing them with coaching, mentoring, office space, and other resources.
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