David Sands

David Sands is a Detroit-based freelance writer. He's covered the news for Huffington Post Detroit as an assistant editor and worked as a staff writer for the transportation news site Mode Shift. Follow him on Twitter @dsandsdetroit.

Feature StoryGary Ringer. Photo by Stephen Koss.
Feature StoryParticipants of the day's event play the Developer Role Playing Game.
Feature StoryBaker's has been a staple of Detroit's jazz scene since the 1930s.
Feature StoryKoss_IMG_Driven_20190201_Megan_Owens_Supplemental-13.jpg

With new mobility options, Detroit goes multimodal

Feature StoryMorris Porter adjusts the levels
Feature StoryKids learning karate at Skills Ville
Feature StoryBear Sanusi, owner of SOS Fitness
Feature StoryMichael Dones oversees Mo-Flo Community Garden
Feature StoryJefferson Chalmers Historic Business District
Feature StoryFashion show at Light Up Livernois - photo by Desmond Love