Nonprofit teams with Coca-Cola, Home Depot to plant pick-your-own gardens

A new nonprofit is planting nine vegetable gardens around the city, allowing the city's hungry to stop by and pick their own produce. Urban Farming founder Taja Sevelle teamed up with Coca-Cola and Home Depot to fund the gardens. They'll all feature a rain barrel system that provides irrigation. Any garden with the Urban Farming logo will invite residents to help themselves to some vegetables, 24/7.


At the Urban Farming garden we visited at Linwood and Gladstone, the soon to be planted rows will yield a variety of produce. "Fresh collard greens, fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers, fresh carrots -- anything you can think of at the grocery store you can get here," said Sevelle. "This is in the middle of a food desert, which means that there are no grocery stores in this area."

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