Let's argue for more walkable streets, shall we?

Walkability is always part of the Detroit conversation. But it jumped to the front of our thoughts last week when we were at the intersection of W. Vernor and 14th attempting to cross the street from the Mercury Burger Bar to Slows, Astro and Sugar House on the north side of Michigan Avenue.

This is arguably the coolest block in the city, one of the coolest in the state, celebrated from coast to coast as a model of urban redevelopment.  

But the length of the traffic light signal, which has to go through at least a couple of cycles to accommodate auto traffic from multiple directions, made it a long, long, long wait. As we waited, cars race passed at highway speeds.

We were all able-bodied walkers and able to get across before the signal changed. But we're not sure the lady in this story, using a walker, would be able to manage it. And that's a problem, Detroit road engineers.

Check the piece out from Atlantic Cities here and keep the argument for walkability going full force. We plan to.
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