Taste of Japanese Pop in Midtown

Chou Anime Café is bringing a touch of Japanese pop to culture to Woodward Avenue.
It is a unique café/entertainment experience created in Akihabara, Japan.
"These cafes are a haven for video game geeks and anime lovers," says owner Oneka Samet. "Our café features a large screen TV where we’re usually playing anime, animated TV shows and movies originating in Japan or playing video games."
Chou Anime Café serves healthy food options for guests too, including salads and wraps, desserts and special café beverages. Guests can enjoy tea with the café’s servers, who are normally dressed-up in colorful costumes. Japanese snacks include Ramune, Pocky and Hi-Chew.
"We also offer imported snacks and retail related to Japanese and American Pop culture. Many of our retail items like jewelry, art prints and costume pieces are handmade from local artists and our very own staff," Samet says.
Samet has lived in Detroit all her life and started reading comic books as a youth. Previously, she worked as a librarian at the Detroit Public Library.
"It was working there with young adults that inspired me to pursue this passion. It’s a new and innovative idea that I think will be fun for many in our city," she says.
Samet looks forward to adding a coffee vendor, having regularly scheduled events including karaoke, video game tournaments, artist classes and guest visitors along with an open house this fall. 

The business is at 4206 Woodward Ave. -- in a cluster of shops near Willis St. -- in Detroit's Midtown.

Source: Oneka Samet 
Writer: Leah Johnson 
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