Mitchell Street Townhomes bring high-end urban living to Hamtramck

The signature home of Hamtramck has traditionally been split between the single-family house and a two-flat. A new townhouse development near city's post office promises to make an impact in a different way.

The Mitchell Street Townhomes promises to create high-end urban living with more than $1 million of new construction, big-ticket green features and luxury touches. "They're going to be high-end," says Jason Friedmann, director of community & economic development for the city of Hamtramck. "They will be the nicest units on the block."

The 7-unit development is going up on Mitchell Street near the Hamtramck Post Office, turning a former parking lot into dense urban living. Each home with come with a plethora of sustainable features, including comprehensive insulation, Energy Star appliances, tank-less water heaters and geothermal heat, the holy grail of green building.

"The energy savings will be substantial," says Mark Lewis, developer of Mitchell Street Townhomes and a member of Community 1st Development. "We know the customer will see at least 40 percent in savings."

The Mitchell Street Townhomes architecture will match the early 20th Century style of the surrounding area. They will also come with some high-end finishes, such as granite countertops and hardwood floors. "We made sure these units would knock people's socks off when they go inside," Lewis says.

The project is part of Hamtramck's $15.5 million neighborhood stabilization funding provided by the federal stimulus package. Friedmann estimates the developers are spending about $210,000 per townhouse, but the units will be marketed as affordable housing for people with low-to-moderate incomes. Prices will be in the range of $70,000-$80,000. Construction is set to wrap up by this summer.

Source: Jason Friedmann, director of community & economic development for the city of Hamtramck and Mark Lewis, developer of Mitchell Street Townhomes
Writer: Jon Zemke

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