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Wayne State Zipcar fleet, Amtrak Wolverine line cars grow

Wayne State University's nascent Zipcar fleet is growing fast, doubling in size since launching last fall.

The fleet started with two cars and has added two more thanks to rising demand for the car-sharing service. Zipcars are available to university students, staff and residents of the greater downtown Detroit area.

"Car sharing is a great alternative for our students," says Kate Baker, senior project manager for economic development at Wayne State University. "We have students combine their trips with Zipcars, going on one big trip to the grocery store and it costs a few dollars."

Also in alternative transportation options in the greater downtown Detroit area is the pending addition of bigger cars for the Amtrak's Wolverine Line which runs between Detroit and Chicago. The Wolverine Line will received 25 bi-level rail cars as part of a larger federal purchase of train cars.

The bi-level cars will allow for more passengers than what the current single-level cars can accommodate. It will also offer Wi-Fi and space for bicycles. These car are already used elsewhere through the country, such as California.

Source: U.S. Dept of Transportation and Kate Baker, senior project manager for economic development at Wayne State University
Writer: Jon Zemke

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