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Why good design matters, and who is Jeff Chalmers?

We know good design values are key to successful retailing. Especially in walkable neighborhoods like the far East Side's Jefferson East community. Francis Grunow takes a stroll with the two homegrown creatives behind the pop-up project. 


We take a holiday break, see you July 9

We are giving you, dear reader, an early-summer respite from Model D, which, alas, does not publish next week for the Fourth of July holiday. We recommend a remote beach, some great food and cold beverages. Look for us here in a couple weeks.


UIX: Jim Geary and Woodbridge Pub

A neighborhood bar adjacent to the campus of Wayne State University serving affordable, hand-made food, and Michigan craft beers is, perhaps most importantly, a community hub. Tunde Wey talks to owner Jim Geary in this UIX report.

Woodbridge Pub plants the seeds of community in Detroit

Jim Geary set out to change a neighborhood in Detroit. He began with homes in the Woodbridge neighborhood, but things really started to swell when he finished rehabbing a commercial building and opened the Woodbridge Pub, the new center for community in the neighborhood.

The Sparrows welcomes community, grows with Wealthy Street neighborhood

Inspired by the gathering places of early 20th century writers and poets in Russia, Lori Slager and two friends set out to make a coffee shop in Grand Rapids where they'd want to hangout. Now, The Sparrows is the gathering space for neighbors and has been a catalyst for more neighborhood growth.

The Green Door survives decades with commitment to regulars, great entertainment

While neighboring businesses suffered during the economic decline, Lansing's live entertainment bar, the Green Door didn't just survive; it grew. By never wavering in their commitment to the community while evolving their entertainment to reach new audiences, the Green Door has built a reputation as one of Lansing's best hangouts.

Owner Lori Slager at The Sparrows in Grand Rapids

Small businesses as third places experience growth

How many places do you have? If you're not sure, here's a recommendation: three. In this special report, we'll discover small businesses throughout Michigan that serve as "third places" for their communities, and are growing because of it. 


Opinion: Heart of Midtown threatened by widening of I-94

The expressway would be expanded from six lanes to 10, and a two-lane continuous service drive would be added in each direction. In total, the author points out, I-94 would grow from six lanes to 14 lanes in width.


Detroit by district: Restore the 'Moor

A vacant home transformed into a community message board. Public art found in nearly all directions. Hand carved signs at assorted garden sites. This is Brightmoor today, ready to engage the political process. Matthew Lewis reports from the northwest side.


Green City Diaries: Dig this

Sustainability advocacy journalist Matthew Piper talks to Detroit urban farming pioneer Patrick Crouch, who never tires of putting his hands into the soil and coming up with all sorts of wriggling organic life. The point? A healthy, naturally balanced ecosystem for all. 


DIY in Detroit: Allied Media Conference is this week

The 15th annual conference is filled with media workshops, panel discussions, talks on art, technology and gentrification. Not to mention after dark activities featuring musical performances by Kyle Hall, Bahamadia and Dez Andrés. We're there.


UIX: Camilo Pardo and Art & Development Inc.

Camilo Pardo is owner of the Bankle Building, an artist and founder of Art & Development and, perhaps most famously, the designer of the Ford GT. Tunde Wey gets the story for the Urban Innovation Exchange.


Detroit, exported

The second annual Detroit Up North excursion is in the books and, yes, was it ever good times, from barnyard art by Hygienic Dress League to roasted pig courtesy of Supino's Dave Mancini. Walter Wasacz takes the scenic route and shares an interior monologue for this report.


Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An insider's guide to ice cream parlors

No doubt frozen treats are good year round, but they are especially tasty when the sun and air are hottest. Just in time for the coming summer heat, our authors the Linn sibs show us some of the best places to get your ice cream fix in Detroit.


Growing bike culture a boost to local economy

As cities continue to become more bike-friendly, new bike-based businesses are springing up to support the movement. These businesses are banking on and promoting a growing interest in cycling, boosting the local economies. Lee Chilcote reports.
1594 Articles | Page: | Show All
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