After party: We've got video proof of our Zoot's meets Model D bash

We started early and finished late. Just the way a serious group of party people should. We honored the historic vibes of the building we inhabit by bringing back bands and DJs that rocked the house when it was known as Zoot's, from 1994 to 1998. 

We were treated to the sublime, Windy & Carl, and the conceptually odd, Little Princess, to a new band Swimsuit (with Zoot's roots, Saturday Looks Good to Me), and a blue-eyed rhythm & blues man Danny Kroha (a founding member of the Gories).

We raised some cash for the Detroit Sound Conservancy, a group formed preserve the sonic inspirations that were born and nurtured in Detroit. 

And we ate and drank like royals thanks to all these talented folks: Traffic Jam & Snug, Pure Detroit, Stella International Cafe, Rowland Cafe, Beau Bien Fine Foods, McClure's Pickles, Love's Custard Pie, For Goodness Sake, Stuffed, Esteban Castro and the Batata Shop.

Take a look at this video by Tony Eggart. It captures some of the night's energy and the fun we had. Oh, yes we did. Thanks everybody.

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